Thursday, January 7, 2016

Relief Society~ new routes

Recently we had some changes with boundaries made with our ward. That means new visiting teaching routes. As a presidency we wanted more than a piece of paper to hand out so that it didn't get lost in bags and such.

This is plan B. Plan A's boxes didn't arrive in time.

I put a magnet on the back of this card so that they could put it on their fridge and flip it when they get it done. 

Even plan B had it's bumps. I wanted to put in a See's candy in the bag but the store closest to me closed down. Luckily for me Valentine candy was being put out as I was shopping so I went with that instead. The actual VT route is bend the insert. 

All in all it turned out pretty cute. 

And as always I'm happy to share. You can find the file for the insert and the card HERE

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