Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spell book

I created this spell book years ago but have always been asked for the pages so that others could do one. Unfortunately I had not saved my pages to share. Well a few friends recently got together for a craft night and the spell book was on of the projects they wanted to do. So I have created new pages and have them to share.

These are my new pages and you can download them HERE

To make the spell book you will need a large old book, I found a dictionary works best. These files are sized at 8.5x11 so you will need a book around that size. You are also welcome to resize them to fit your book and that can be done in Photoshop. 

You will want to age your book so take a spray bottle and randomly spray pages in the book. This will make the pages warp and look old. I also rolled the corners of the pages to make them look used. 
Next you take a brown ink pad and rub it along the sides, top and bottom of the pages to make them look dirty and used. 

I used a spray adhesive to attach my pages to my book. Just open it up to anywhere and stick them in.  I would also ink the edges of these pages to help them blend with the book.

And for the final touch take a length of black ribbon and hot glue the top of it behind the binding to create a book mark. 
The book sits open to these pages so no need to worry about what the rest of the books pages look like

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